Friday, August 19, 2011

State Tax Alerts - This Week's Stories Worth a Second Look

Rusty Little
In case you missed it, the following is a summary of a few key state tax developments, news articles, and observations during the past week:

  • Amnesty Alert: MEDIA COMPANIES Voluntary Disclosure Initiative in New Jersey Details here
  • The New Jersey Supreme Court Determined That "You Can't Throw Out The Baby With The Bath Water" More here
  • Tax Patents: What's Good for the Goose May Not Be Good for the Gander - More here
  • The Tax Foundation notes that the Texas margin tax experiment is failing due to collection shortfalls, perceived unfairness for taxing unprofitable and small businesses, and confusing Rules. More here
The past few weekends, many states have had their annual back-to-school sales tax holidays.  Since these sales tax holidays are top of mind right now, they are a popular subject in the mainstream media.  But wait, here are a couple of articles that conclude sales tax holidays may not be such a great idea:

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