Friday, October 28, 2011

State Tax Alerts - This Week's Stories Worth a Second Look

Rusty Little

In case you missed them, the following is a summary of a few key state tax developments, news articles, and observations during the past week:

  • Two cases were decided in the ongoing sales tax saga between the online travel companies and the states. One in Texas and one in the District of Columbia.
  • On the same topic of online travel company sales taxation, South Carolina issued a directive to online travel companies to collect sales tax on gross proceeds and stated that the online travel companies must issue resale certificates to the hotels (kind of interesting when the agreements between the travel companies and the hotels do not require an inventory of rooms to be purchased).
  • Interesting case in Indiana where it was decided that the Indiana Department of Revenue must apply all available methods under the statutes before attempting force combination of a taxpayer. AE Outfitters Retail Co. v. Indiana Dept. of State Revenue
  • Yet another online retailer sales tax collection bill is about to be introduced (this will be the third) – from the Puget Sound Business Journal

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